About stemarga

Founder, stemarga

Sumanth Kumar

I spent the last two decades working for a leading global technology company, with customers in multiple industries including auto, aero, life sciences, electronics, consumer goods and energy industries.  As an executive in charge of strategy and market development, I led teams that worked with latest technologies such as Immersive visualization, Internet of things, Data science, 3D printing and others. 

I have seen firsthand that the younger workforce was not prepared to realize and apply real-world benefits of these advanced technologies.

This is mainly because there is a massive gap between what we learn at school and what is applied in a real-world job. Employers often take a leap of faith to hire new graduates and spend months in training for them to be productive contributors to teams.  It is no wonder that 2.4 Million STEM related jobs go unfilled every year!

Digital technology has revolutionized media, communications, retail and is making great inroads into medical and finance.  Education, one of the primary concerns of families everywhere globally, unfortunately has not seen the true benefits of digital revolution. 

As a father of two middle schoolers, I want my kids to have every opportunity to make informed career choices. Which is why, I combined my personal ambition with my experience to bridge the gap between real world application and learning process for high school students. Please refer to our website for more details on our method of teaching.