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Engineering Math

Math is a dreaded topic for many teens since they cannot comprehend the real-world applications of the formulas and equations they are being asked to memorize.  Engineering Math is fundamental to any engineering related professions.   Stemarga takes a unique approach by explaining why each of the topics are important for real-world applications.   Process of getting to an answer is given more importance than just arriving at an answer.  Learning concepts is more important than memorizing steps and arriving at a solution.  Failure is encouraged as stepping stones to better understanding!

Topics Covered:

Math 1
    Calculus AB, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation – Properties, Differentiation - Functions

Math 2
    Differentiation – Applications  - Contextual - Analytical Integrals Differential  Equation AP CALC AB – Exams

Math 3
    Application of Integration, Parametric Equation, Polar Coordinates, Vector Functions, Infinite Sequence, AP CALC BC – Exams 

How :

  • Online Engineering Math course every week (1.5 hour per week)

  • Pathfinder course (1 hour per week) - provided free of cost with Engineering Math course

  • Individual monthly counseling sessions to ensure students are taking advantage of what stemarga offers

  • Homework assignments that are individualized based on students interests and learning methods

  • Full access to learning materials 24 hours a day

  • Experience Center which provides curriculum-based lesson using AR, VR, 3Dprinting, Robotics and other advanced technology are available free of cost for students from Raleigh-Durham metro area.

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