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stemarga’s vision is to rethink education from the ground up and to make education a fun-filled, imaginative & personal journey for learners. 

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Bridging the gaps in the learning process

Our current education system focuses more on standardized tests and encourages very little creativity and exploration. As a result, students become discouraged because they do not understand the purpose of what they learn. To combat this and bridge the gaps in the learning process, we formulated a ‘5E’ approach to achieve our mission: Explain, Engage, Experience, Enjoy and Embark!

Learn with Purpose

Math & Science

Using Career Framework

Purposeful Learning

Getting students to be fully engaged

Career Path Focus

Connecting Curriculum to Career

Experience Center

Innovative way to learn AP level Science & Math

Explore Internship Opportunities

Utilizing professional network for students


Holistic prep for college

Career Counseling

Professionals sharing their journey and experiences

Soft Skills Training

Preparing students for 21st-century workplace

Personalization using Al

Recognizing diversity in learning methods 

What we do

Courses Offered In-person and Virtual setting


Technology and analytics to the vast field of life sciences provides vast array of career opportunities


The study of life science lends important insights into disease processes and allows the development of novel therapeutics and innovative medical devices, thereby directly improving human health.
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The study of the life science lends important insights into disease processes


And allows the development of novel therapeutics and innovative medical devices, thereby directly improving human health.
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Statistics (Data Science & AI)

Being a Data Scientist is one of the hottest and trending career option of the decade

Statistics (Data Science & AI)

Data is one of the important features of every organization because it helps business leaders to make decisions based on facts, statistical numbers, and trends.
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Learning concepts is more important than memorizing steps and arriving at a solution


Math is a dreaded topic for many teens since they cannot comprehend the real-world applications of the formulas and equations they are being asked to memorize.
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Unique approach by explaining why the physics topics are important for real-world applications


Stemarga takes a unique approach by explaining why each of the physics topics is important for real-world applications.
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Explore various college majors &career paths


Many of the teens do not have clarity on which college major or career path to pursue.
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Before & After school Care

(Starting from Fall 2021)

stemarga strives to provide innovative and fun-filled before and after-school care programs for 3rd grade to 8th graders. Working families with school-age children can feel assured that their kids are not only being healthy, safe, and completing their homework but learning the latest technologies and having a lot of fun. There will be plenty of games, playtime, and hands-on experiences during “Stemarga time” that kids would refuse to go home since they are having so much fun.

Transportation will also be provided to local areas elementary and middle schools so that your kids.

Explore all we want

Track Out Camps – Half Day or Full Day

All Through the Year

Passion is what drives us

5 E Approach
Explain, Engage, Experience, Enjoy and Embark!

Our Mission

Make education a fun-filled, imaginative & personal journey

Real world applications of Math and Science are abundant.  Explaining why one is learning what they are learning and how it would make a better world is fundamental to stemarga approach. Schools need to amaze your mind with possibilities and not be considered a chore, stemarga method is letting students experience the joy of learning. 

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