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Experience Center: Open Now!

Please visit stemarga Experience Center @ 324 Sembler Lane, Cary, NC 27519.

Students have the opportunity to use latest advancements in technology such as Immersive Reality (AR, VR, MR), 3D printing, and robotics to find the best way to learn. Using the 5Es approach, students can find their passion; select college majors and fulfilling career paths.

What Makes Us Different

Math & Science

Using Career Framework

Purposeful Learning

Getting students to be fully engaged!

Career Path Focus

Connecting Curriculum to Career

Experience Center

Innovative way to learn AP level Science & Math

Explore Internship Opportunities

Utilizing professional network for students


Holistic prep for college

Career Counseling

Professionals sharing their journey and experiences

Soft Skills Training

Preparing students for 21st century workplace

Personalization using Al

Recognizing diversity in learning methods 


Enroll in Spring & Summer Camps

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