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5e approach

Education is about extracting the powers of the mind, as Margaret Meade, the famous academic scientist, said in her famous quote: We need to let kids learn “how to think” rather than “what to think”. Our current education system focuses more on standardized tests and encourages very little creativity and exploration. As a result, students become discouraged because they do not understand the purpose of what they learn.  1.2 Million High schools’ kids drop out in US every year. Over 50 percent of the students enrolled in college drop out before graduation. To combat this and bridge the gaps in the learning process, we formulated a ‘Five-E’ approach to achieve our mission: Explain, Engage, Experience, Enjoy and Embark!

Hands on Learning


Start with Why?

Real world applications of Math and Science are abundant.  Explaining why one is learning what they are learning and how it would make a better world is fundamental to stemarga approach.

Group Working


One size does not fit all in this world when it comes to education. stemarga method fits to the learning style of individuals whether one is a visual, auditory, reading, writing or a kinesthetic learner. Personalization is the key to engaged learning!



Of the Top 100 STEM jobs, 93% of them pay above the national average. But only 36% of high school kids are ready to take college level science leave alone be ready to take on a real-world job.  We help the student to relate the existing curriculum to STEM jobs so that they can embark with passion on a STEM career path. It is the key to the success of our next generation.



Schools need to amaze your mind with possibilities and not be considered a chore.  stemarga method is letting students experience the joy of learning.

Lab Experiments


Students will have the opportunity to use latest advancements in technology such as Immersive reality (AR, VR, MR), 3D printing, and robotics to find their way of learning. Using this approach, students can be better prepared to join the workforce of 21st century!

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