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Life Science

The study of the life science lends important insights into disease processes and allows the development of novel therapeutics and innovative medical devices, thereby directly improving human health.  Applying technology and analytics to the vast field of life sciences provides vast array of career opportunities to students.

Areas covered in this course include

  • Fundamental understanding of biology & chemistry to form basis for medical degree pursuits.

  • Basics of physics as related to pre-req for medical, dental and veterinary schools

  • Visualization and ability to experience study topics in a vivid and detailed manner


Stemarga takes a unique approach by explaining why each of the biology & chemistry topics are important for real-world applications.   Process of getting to an answer is given more importance than just arriving at an answer.  Learning concepts is more important than memorizing steps and arriving at a solution.  Failure is encouraged as stepping stones to better understanding!


Stemarga’s Unique approach for Life Science

  • Students get an alternative way of learning AP level Biology, Chemistry & Physics

    • WHY is the particular topic covered important to daily life?

    • WHAT are the fundamental  concepts behind the topic being covered?

    • How does one relate these Biology & Chemistry concepts to Real-world applications?

    • Which college majors provide a path towards joining Biological science focused professions?


How Stemarga works:

  • Online Life Science course every week (1.5 hour per week)

  • Pathfinder course (1 hour per week) - provided free of cost with Engineering Math course

  • Individual monthly counseling sessions to ensure students are taking advantage of what stemarga offers

  • Homework assignments that are individualized based on students interests and learning methods

  • Full access to learning materials 24 hours a day

  • Experience Center which provides curriculum-based lesson using AR, VR, 3Dprinting, Robotics and other advanced technology are available free of cost for students from Raleigh-Durham metro area.


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