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Many of the teens do not have clarity on which college major or career path to pursue.  High Schools focus significantly on completing state mandated curriculum and do not have the bandwidth to spend quality time talking to each student and explaining various 21st century career choices.  As days/months progress, students either lose confidence or make snap decisions based on cursory knowledge of careers.   These choices make a lifelong difference for your kids in being motivated, finding career satisfaction, having good earning potential and most importantly to align their purpose with their occupations.


Stemarga’s Unique approach

  • Students get an in-depth overview of 40+ career choices every year including

    • WHY is the profession important to society?

    • WHAT is the job description?

    • How does one go about excelling in the profession?

    • Where are the job opportunities located?

    • Which colleges & college majors provide a path towards joining this profession?

    • Day in the life of the career to give a realistic perspective of the choices

    • More specifics

      • Information about top rated universities for these college majors

      • Extracurricular activities aligned with career choices

      • Help on standardized tests & College application process

      • Essay writing skills that highlight this interest

  • Soft Skills emphasized

    • Communication skills​

    • Analytical and Critical Thinking skills

    • Project Management Skills

    • Presentation skills

    • Interpersonal skills


How stemarga works:

  • Online course every week (1 hour per week)

  • Individual monthly counseling sessions to ensure students are taking advantage of what stemarga offers

  • Homework assignments that are individualized based on students interests and learning methods

  • Full access to learning materials 24 hours a day

  • Experience Center which provides curriculum-based lesson using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, Robotics and other advanced technology are available free of cost for students from Raleigh-Durham metro area.

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